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Craft Book Limited Edition

Craftsnbooks offers an exclusive limited edition collection of craft books that represent the pinnacle of artistry. These books are the epitome of creativity and provide a unique insight into the world of crafting. With Craftsnbooks, you can experience the visible edge of art through our collectible craft book collection.



An educational colouring book for children ages 5 and above, DINO WORLD features dinosaurs from across the world. It's got enough bits in it to make two things.


Children 8 years and older may build SWATGUN & MOBSTER, a Do-It-Yourself 3D Model Kit from Sci-Fi Bikes. Parts to construct two incredible sci-fi motorcycles are included in this book.


For youngsters aged 8 and above, TERRABUG is a DIY 3D Model Kit of a sci-fi buggy. Parts for a fantastic sci-fi buggy are included in this book.


A DIY 3D Model Kit for kids 8 years and up. With the help of this book, you can create a fantastic sci-fi tanker!

Craft's role in your child's growth


Freedom of expression

Because it's a safe setting, kids may use whatever materials to make it their own. As a result, parents who encourage their children to engage in arts and crafts activities may have a greater understanding of how their children feel and think.


A boost to critical thinking

A person's home may have whatever colour roof they like, and that's the fun of art. What kind of animal will they draw? How will the clouds and birds be depicted? All of these options encourage students to think critically, deliberate, and analyse their own judgments in order to repeat or alter them the following time.


Improves coordination and motor skills

Fine motor skills and bilateral coordination may be improved in children via the use of both hands in arts and crafts. Even simple actions like dotting and ripping a piece of paper require a lot of skill on the part of the child and are thus popular with them. This may help them progress more quickly and improve their abilities in other areas of everyday life.


Socializing assistance

Because most children like making things with their hands and seeing what other children have made, arts and crafts serve as a great way to bring together children who may have different interests or just haven't met yet. The only thing that counts when it comes to creativity is what someone can produce, regardless of their age or colour. A child who likes what another child has drawn, created, coloured, or built will eagerly approach that youngster.




  • Are these items safe for children's sensitive skin?
    A child's skin would not be harmed in any way by using these cardboard goods.
  • Is the cost of these items reasonable?
    Yes, we've given some attention to pricing our items at a reasonable level.
  • Are there any long-term advantages to this kind of creative endeavour?
    There are several long-term advantages, as shown in the best features section above.
  • What can be done if a child becomes too dependent on these items and neglects his or her schoolwork as a result?
    If you restrict the amount of time your child spends engaging in these activities, they won't get addicted.
  • What is the Refund Policy?
    We'd be delighted to assist you! To ensure that your item arrives in great condition, we need your assistance! Within four working days of receiving your purchase, please notify us if there is a problem with it. After you get your item, you have four days to seek a refund or exchange. Please be aware that we will not be liable for damages caused by customers who mishandle or rough handle the product. While removing the sheets, customers must be cautious. Kids can take adults' help to do so. Your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it in order to be eligible for a return. If it's not original packaging with tags intact, it's not eligible. We'll also require a copy of your purchase receipt. You may email us at to begin a return. We'll get back to you soon to set up a pickup for the items you'd like to return. The items should be packed securely and properly to avoid any damage or loss while in transit. Refunds will be made after deducting shipping and return costs and any applicable taxes. Due to the high value of our products and the time and effort we put into their packaging, we are unable to accept returns for items that have been damaged in transit. Please feel free to email us at with any questions or concerns. Replacements / Refunds If you get a product that has a manufacturing flaw, we will replace it and send you a replacement piece of the identical product you purchased as soon as possible, or we will refund your money if the product is out of stock when you make your order. Refunds Your refund request will be processed as soon as we receive and check the returned item(s). As soon as we get the product and it has been examined, we will begin the reimbursement. If your refund request is granted, you will get a credit back to the payment method you used to submit it. Please keep in mind that your bank or credit card provider may take some time to process and post the refund. Due to the expense of shipping and return shipment, we ask that you please order with caution before making a purchase.
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