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About Us

Designing with love.

The children, the tiny little beings are impressionable. They can quickly adapt and learn from the sources available to them. Based on this concept, Mr. Siva Reddy, the Founder and Director of Omtimus Private Limited has launched a brand of books, which he named “Crafts in Books”. Being an ardent lover of toys and games. He has been always interested in making toys, but as he feels plastic or other materials are not so eco-friendly, he chose paper cardboard as a medium. He knew that children would explore the creative world better through arts and crafts.


Craftworks are always entity for me...

We started this company in 2017 due to my interest and passion for toys. This interest in toys was developed during my early childhood days and I didn't let it go off since then. I was always aware of the positive impact that toys create if provided in the right manner and format. Toys helped me have a better childhood, helped me to get rid of my loneliness as a kid and nurtured my various passive and active skills like hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, creativity and helped pass free time in a somewhat productive way. If a kid follows the path of personality development apart from focusing on his primary education since childhood, it's a win-win for him/her and toys provide access to that path in some way or another. Thus, I decided to follow my passion for toys and make other kids feel happy the same way toys made my childhood happy. I always wanted to have my input in the development of any such toys, since the toy market is so vast and spread up, we just couldn't manufacture toys and stand strong in the market, thus I had to think about an interactive feasible way to have ourselves settled in this toy market. After my brainstorming session, I found this micro-niche of craft-related toys most suitable for me where I could put my animation and 3D modelling knowledge to build various engaging toys. To put up the products entirely in the format of toys would be an exaggerated effort with way less distinction and productivity so I had to combine the idea of toys and crafts all inside a book. More parents would encourage their kids to get indulged in crafts rather than just toys. To make this possible, we finalised the

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idea of putting all these crafts in an educational creative book format which makes it even more unique as an overall product under the toy market section. This was designed to make kids happy as it's a toy, develop various critical skills due to its crafty nature and make parents more comfortable due to its presence inside an educational book. Hence, we came up with the name Crafts in Books because it delivered a direct idea of the final product we wanted to launch in the market.

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